WINS H-Tec Fire Protection Panel (Calcium Silicate)

WINS H-Tec Fire Protection Panel (FPP) is a superior autoclaved calcium silicate panel, having excellent fire resistant properties and offering incredible acoustic performance. It is manufactured under ISO 9001 and is specifically designed to provide fire protection of up to 4 hours.

WINS H-Tec FPP boasts of the same impact resistance and durability that are usually found in denser panels available in the market. It promises absolute safety, being devoid of asbestos and other such harmful agents and binders. Cutting and shaping it is so easy with the help of power or hand tools. The fixing process is similar to that of dry wall or ceiling applications.

WINS H-Tec FPP is not affected adversely by water and can retain a major part of its mechanical strength even under saturation.

Owing to its monolithic structure, WINS H-Tec FPP can be rough cut in diverse directions. It can be easily sawn with the help of a jigsaw, handsaw or portable circular saw. Also, since you do not have to consider any grains, it can be planed in any direction.

Having gone through stringent testing procedures as per BSEN standards, WINS H-Tec FPP guarantees superior quality and performance. With its competitive pricing, it is, undoubtedly, the most economic fire and acoustic panel in the market.

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