WINS MO Fire Protection Panel

WINS MO Fire Protection Panel (FPP) is essentially a magnesium oxide based panel, possessing exceptional fire protection capabilities. It is manufactured in China with the help of hi-tech production methods, as per ISO 9001 quality standards.

It offers a range of distinct benefits which cannot be found in other non-combustible construction boards available in the market. Also, a wide array of applications is covered by it. A single board of 9mm thickness promises fire integrity of over 4 hours. Usually, two or more layers are required by other boards to achieve the same result.

MO-FPP is not adversely affected by water or moisture and can retain much of its mechanical strength even when saturated. This makes it ideal for external use, especially in wet areas. It is also immune to insect and vermin attacks, and can maintain stability dimensionally in most conditions.

Advantages of Using WINS MO-FPP

  • Promises absolute safety due to the absence of asbestos and other such harmful agents.
  • Highly economic, particularly in comparison to other boards with similar performance.
  • Eliminates the need for any surface preparation before decoration owing to its smooth off-white finish.
  • Extremely user-friendly since can be worked with basic power or hand tools. You can bond it with adhesives or fix it with drywall screws or power stapling.
  • Does not entertain feedstock for fungal growth, thereby ruling out any possibility of rotting.
  • Highly durable and strong.
  • Capable of achieving a seamless joint finish with the help of joint filling compound and tape. You may fill the joint alternatively with intumescent mastic to ensure fire rating of up to 4 hours.
  • Never spreads toxic fumes in case a fire breaks out.
  • Requires sealer coats or special preparation owing to its smooth finish. You may paint it with proprietary paints.
  • Completely non-combustible and compliant with prevalent building regulations.

Also, outstanding acoustic attenuation is achieved by WINS MO-FPP partition or ceiling constructions. You may infill such partitions with foamed lightweight concrete for producing fast track solid wall constructions.

Specifiers and end users can confidently propose or use WINS MO-FPP in their constructions. It is particularly useful in cases where high impact strength and durability are prime concerns.